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Through user-friendly video-analysis,  Jenny can lead you through a thorough assessment, similar to that conducted in a clinic setting, in order to identify the source of your pain, and injury severity. While many physical ailments can also be effectively treated virtually with education, prescribed exercises and self-treatment tools, some cases may also require an element of hands on care. In these cases, you can schedule an in-clinic appointment with Jenny at Kokaniee Physiotherapy in Nelson, or you will be referred to a therapist closest to your remote location.

Telehealth Physiotherapy
Dry Needling IMS


Intramuscular dry needling is a technique that uses acupuncture needles to "calm down" irritable and hypersensitive bands of skeletal muscle. The inserted needle can have a strong pain relieving effect at the muscle as well as at the sensory centre in our brain. It can also provide a window within which to perform exercises designed to correct faulty movement patterns at the root of your pain.


Concussion care is complex, multi-faceted, and constantly evolving. Having completed advanced coursework (Shift Concussion Management), Jenny's evidence-based approach involves a comprehensive assessment which aims to provide you with an individualized treatment plan often involving collaboration with other healthcare practitioners. Your treatment may include education, manual therapy, dry needling, cardiovascular exercise, as well as exercises aimed to address balance, cervical and visual-vestibular impairments. This service has been successfully provided through telehealth, as well as, in clinic.

Level 2 Completion Badge.png
Concussion management
Physiotherapy Manual therapy


Manual therapy refers to various hands-on techniques used, in collaboration with other treatment modalities, to improve the mobility and function of your joints and tissues. This may include massage, joint mobilization/manipulation, movement facilitation and myofascial release.


Jenny enjoys merging her clinical expertise with her competitive athletic background to create individualized on and off-season training programs aimed to prevent injuries and optimize performance. She particularly enjoys working with soccer players, runners, cyclists, skiiers, snowboarders and climbers.

Competitive Road Cyclist
Orthopedic Physical Therapy


Jenny has experience working with patients who have undergone a variety of post-operative procedures including but not limited to, ACL reconstruction, mensical repair, rotator cuff and labral repairs, total hip and knee replacements, and spinal surgeries.


Vestibular disorders can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms including, vertigo, nausea, dizziness and imbalance. Jenny has the coursework and clinical experience to assess, treat and manage a variety of acute and chronic vestibular conditions.

Vestibular Rehabilitation and Vertigo
Para-athletes Neurorehabilitation


Jenny has experience working with a wide variety of sub-acute and chronic neurological conditions and injuries including, but not limited to brain and spinal cord injuries, peripheral neuropathies, multiple sclerosis and Parkinsonian disorders. Though rehabilitation programs are highly individualized, she may implement a combination of functional motor retraining strategies, the Bobath concept, manual therapy, dry needling, clinical pilates and exercise.


“Clinical Pilates” is the delivery of classic pilates by a pilates-trained Physiotherapist. Using various equipment, verbal and tactile feedback, Jenny will work with you to improve your body awareness, postural alignment, joint mobility, and stability - ultimately unwinding pain provoking movement patterns at the root of your injury. Pilates can be used as an effective tool to optimize athletic performance in various sports, including, gymnastics, dance and figure skating. It can also be a highly effective form of rehabilitation for various neurological conditions and hypermobility disorders.

Clinical Pilates for Athletes
Mobile Physiotherapy


Unable to make it to a clinic for treatment? If you live in the West Kootenays, within a 50km radius of Nelson, BC, I am happy to bring these services to your home. Rates very depending on location and appointment duration. Please contact me for more information.

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